About Me

Hello! My name is Becky Riley, i've just turned 19 and i'm a student studying for a Foundation in Art & Design, hoping to progress on to university next year to study Graphic Design / Illustration. Many people say to me that i'm a lady, then I open my mouth - i'm not a potty mouth, i just sound like a farmer. I live at home with my parents and my dog, Buddy, who's beautiful. I've only ever been a blonde, except for 6 months when i was a red head but because my hair's VERY WEIRD the dye wouldn't take at my roots so I returned back to blonde again. I work in a, ahem, designer ladies boutique, which i love, but by no means am i crazy enough to spend a kagillion pounds on a frock - i'm very stingy and love to get bang for my buck.

I would describe my style as feminine and a good mix of old and contemporary. Whenever i design, I always look to the past for my inspiration and try to bring it up to date. I feel i have a noticeable look in my work, and in how i present myself - the words "oh thats very Becky" are used quite often.

I'm a complete fangirl, I love Glee, Harry Potter, Doctor Who and Gilmore Girls, not even ashamed to say it. My favourite films are Baz Luhrmens Romeo & Juilete, Spirited Away and The Aristocats. I love Disney and I own the majority of the Pixar films. Again, not even ashamed! I'm a fussy music listener, and i try to listen to everything - seriously from Bjork to M.I.A - but if pushed, my favourites are Regina Spektor, Tori Amos and Marina and the Diamonds. However, my all time favourite song is "So Here We Are" by Bloc Party. I love reading also, favourite books include The Subtle Knife, About a Boy, Curious Case of a Dog in the Nighttime…actually i love all the books on my shelf, there's no favourites!

I have a portfolio blog too!